Summer Song

Exclusive clip of Rafa playing Joe Satriani's 'Summer Song' which on release reached No. 5 on the U.S. Billboard Mainstream Rock chart!

Appears on the 1992 Joe Satriani album 'The Extremist' 

Technical Difficulties

Rafa playing Paul Gilbert's (from Racer X fame!) Technical Difficulties at Saxo in Moraira. Shot with a GoPro Hero 3 Black clamped to the head of the guitar...

Appears on the 1999 Racer X album 'Technical Difficulties' 


One of Rafa's exclusive clips of The Edgar Winter Group instrumental tune 'Frankenstein'. It was actually a #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1973 - they don't make 'em like this anymore!

Appears on the 1972 Edgar Winter album 'They Only Come Out at Night' 

Back in Black

Exclusive clip of Rafa chugging away to the classic AC/DC tune 'Back in Black'. The first album released by the band after the death of their original singer Bon Scott.

Appears on AC/DC's 1980 album 'Back in Black'

The Gargoyle

Rafa playing Paul Gilbert's The Gargoyle at Saxo in Moraira. Shot with a GoPro Hero 3 Black clamped to the headstock of his guitar... Access ALL areas with this video!

Appears on Paul Gilbert's 2008 album 'Silence Followed by a Deafening Roar'


Another exclusive clip from Rafa's archive, Chanela by the late great Paco de Lucía. Taken from Lucia's fourteenth album which included his brother Pepe singing! 

Appears on the 1981 Paco de Lucía album 'Sólo quiero caminar' (I Only Want to Walk)